Published (Twice)

Game Programming Gems 7, which has a chapter by me on clipmaps, is out. Very nice!

There’s errata – they forgot the sample app on the CD. You can download the missing app at this URL. Please drop me an e-mail if you run into any problems compiling or have any questions at all – I switched hard drives recently so it might not be the very latest code.

GameDev.Net also is running an article that I and Eric Hartman wrote titled Learning From The 3000 “Classics”: What can MAME teach us about game design?. Pretty cool! So far all the comments have been positive. Cut us down to size and tell us what we did wrong here.

Author: Ben Garney

See and @bengarney for details.

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  1. Game Programming Gems 7 sample is not working for me.There are two error mesages:1) “The D3D device has a non-zero reference count, meaning some objects were not released.”2) “Could not find required media. Ensure that the DirectX SDK is correctly installed.”The system is appropriate to run this demo.

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