Web Service Explosion: Put Out The Fire With FriendFeed

How many web services do you use that have a section for linking into your other web services? I love having my internet presence linked together. But the number of links grows quickly. 10 services means 50 links that you have to maintain.

Most of these integrations are there just to post nice status messages from one place to another or provide a link to a profile. Why not use a central service like FriendFeed to handle the details? The FriendFeed API is almost there. If FriendFeed had better options for the API to push outwards, 90% of that service configuration box could go away.

Author: Ben Garney

See https://bengarney.com/ and @bengarney for details.

8 thoughts on “Web Service Explosion: Put Out The Fire With FriendFeed”

  1. That's actually pretty cool. I might have to play with frindo. The FriendFeed-Pipes thing is a good workaround, but it's lame the problem exists at all.

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