PushButton Engine 101 Talk Video Now Available

I gave a talk on the PushButton Engine at the Flash Gaming Summit a few weeks ago, titled “PushButton Engine 101.” It is available online, thanks to Adobe’s kind support in sponsoring FGS and recording the sessions. You can view the PushButton Engine 101 talk here. It’s about 40 minutes long. People seemed to like it!

If you have comments/questions/feedback, I highly recommend visiting the PushButton Engine forums thread about it.

The Flash Gaming Summit was a blast. I got to spend time with the guys from 8bit Rocket, with Dan Cook, and, of course, the crews from Adobe and Mochi. For the second conference, Adam Saltsman eluded me, but I had a great conversation with Nicolas Cannasse about building companies. Lunch was spent with the PBE crew in attendance – JD Conley, Dion Whitehead, and a couple of others. I had a million other awesome conversations, too, which is why I love going to conferences. 🙂

Other than the very early start, I thought FGS went a lot better than last year. (Perhaps because they had me on the advisory board – conference organizers take note! ;)) They had a solid tech track in addition to their business track. Maybe next year it can be two days – or just start a little later.

Author: Ben Garney

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  1. Yeah, I enjoyed FGS more than GDC. I saw as many worthwhile presentations in one day of FGS than I in three days of GDC. Especially disappointing were the iPhone sessions, which were largely about how to game the app store. Saw two Android presentations that were basically the same, only one was slightly better. Weird.FGS could've used a better location for the expo tables, as it did get crowded around 'em. OTOH, they got more exposure that way. I was able to locate a couple of quiet corners for interviews, so I was happy.

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