Flash Gaming Summit & Game Developers Conference 2011

What are you doing next week?

Here is what is on my agenda:

  • On Sunday, I will be at the Flash Gaming Summit. This year is not to be missed; Adobe is going to be announcing some great news, adding a whole new dimension to the capabilities of the Flash Player. As an advisor to the conference, I’m excited to see how it turns out this year!
  • On Monday evening, I am speaking about “Building Gameplay with the PushButton Engine” at a FlashONGames event at 6pm on Feb 28 at Adobe’s SF offices. Some of my friends at Frima will also be there, showing off their awesome 3D Zombie game built on Flash.
  • Monday and Tuesday I will be at the Social & Online Gaming Summit. It’s a natural point of interest, given that’s my career focus. And a bunch of cool people from Playdom (with whom we partnered to build our last game, Social City) will be presenting!
  • Wednesday evening, I am presenting again: Building Gameplay with PushButton Engine at the Plug & Play Tech Center. The event starts at 5:30pm. (It’ll be similar to my talk Monday night but a bit longer. So if you miss one, come to the other! Or come to both, I guess. :P)
  • For the rest of the week (thru Thursday), I’m at Game Developers Conference 2011, of course.

My schedule is busy but not crammed. If you are interested in meeting up, just shoot me an e-mail at ben dot garney at gmail dot com. I’m also on Twitter as @bengarney.

See you at the show!

Author: Ben Garney

See https://bengarney.com/ and @bengarney for details.

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