Building the Best Gameplay @ Adobe MAX 2011

UPDATE: The talk is now available on Adobe TV! The slides are available, too.

You can find the code for the talk at They are fully explained via dokko, a literate code documentation tool. You can read the docs online at

A big thank you to everyone who came, and to Adobe for inviting me to speak! It was a real pleasure. MAX was great, and I’m already excited about attending next year.

I’m doing a session, Building the Best Gameplay, on Tuesday, October 4, 1-2pm at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles:

Take a dive deep into the techniques required to build the best games. Building games is fun, but building them well takes skill and experience. Ben Garney, core Flash architect at Push Button Engine and one of the most well-known names in the Adobe Flash gaming industry, will put some powerful tools into your game development toolkit: finite state machines, numerical simulation, components, data-driven definitions, and more. Build better, more interesting games faster and with less risk.

If you’re a Flash game developer and/or PushButton Engine user and you’ll be in the LA area around that time, I’d love to meet you. Tweet me at @bengarney or drop me a line via other means.

Author: Ben Garney

See and @bengarney for details.

2 thoughts on “Building the Best Gameplay @ Adobe MAX 2011”

  1. Hey Ben-

    Great talk this week at MAX! Definitely in my top 3 sessions of the week.

    Hoping you will be posting the examples you demo’d there soon. Also – where can I find PBE2 code to play with?

    Thanks again,


    1. Andrew,

      Wow! Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

      I’ve updated this post to include links to video, slides, and code.

      Thanks for coming!

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