PushButton Labs Site Goes Live

PushButton LAbs

The PushButton Labs site is live!

PBL is made up of a small group of awesome people – Jeff Tunnell, Rick Overman, Sean Sullivan, Tim Aste, and Adam Larson. Since I left GarageGames earlier this year, I’ve also been helping out. 🙂

What are we all about? I think Jeff puts it best: Make great products with people that we want to work with, and have fun doing it!

More concretely, our first product is OnePress Community, a theme for WordPress. The official PBL site, as well as this blog and the sites for most of my coworkers are all running it. We’ll be announcing more as it gets closer to launch.

You can read posts from other PBL-ers on the site going live at Make It Big In Games, Tim Aste, or Sean Sullivan’s blogs.

Author: Ben Garney

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