Getting Your Photography Published, the Lazy Way

If you are an amateur photographer, you should do what I do: license your Flickr photos under the Creative Commons Attribution license. It is easily done; go to your account settings, under privacy & permissions, and change (under “details for new uploads”) “what license your content will have” to “Attribution Creative Commons.”

Changing this single option will make you immediately get boost in views, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, some of your photos may even end up in print. 🙂

Here are pictures of mine that have been used, that I know of, since I turned on CCA a few years ago:

Spruce Goose Panorama 1 Spruce Goose Panorama 1
Printed in Leonardo Times, Sep 2007 issue.
Printed in Glimpse Magazine, Spring 2008 issue.
Red-Nosed Cymbalist Red-Nosed Cymbalist
Printed in “ROY G. BIV”, via Blurb.
Red Girl & Dead Japs Red Girl & Dead Japs
Used in Schmap for the iPhone.
Go Speed Racer Go! 1 Go Speed Racer Go! 1(featuring James Wiley)
Used in a NowPublic post on the Speed Racer movie.

Author: Ben Garney

See and @bengarney for details.

4 thoughts on “Getting Your Photography Published, the Lazy Way”

  1. If you're in the UK (or anywhere else that restricts photography) then your options are limited. But several of the pictures of mine that got picked up do not feature identifiable people (for instance, the Spruce Goose, the smaller plane, the Samurai!). And none of them are self-portraits. 🙂 So I think you could do OK despite restrictive laws.

  2. PPS The next time I see you hanging over the garden fence with your telephoto lens taking picture sof me in the jacuzzi, you will here from my layer Mr. Garney :)I have got to go there is some people in white coats at the door !

  3. That is all very well and good but what if you have to deal with the data protection act like in the UK. If a photograph makes the person identifiable with details such as there name and is not for personal use, then it requires permission to take which would also explain that the photographs would be made available for public viewing and use.Do you have any spare consent forms? Then you could have the case when two people create the photograph such as [1]”If you make a photograph with two or more people and each persons contribution to the photograph is not distinct, then you all become joint authors and joint first owners of copyright and the permission of each joint owner will be needed before such a photograph can be used.”Also I think there are too many internet stalker types added to this I do not want to make my electronic paper any bigger, telling people where I go, who are my friends and images of family members. You may say I am paranoid but when you live in country where[2]”The biggest source of surveillance in Britain is through the network of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. On average, an individual will appear on 300 CCTV cameras during a day and those tapes are kept by many organisations for indefinite lengths of time. “I am worn out from having my picture I am not photogenic :)[1][2]

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